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Dolores Cortes and Guillermina Baeza Spring-Summer 2012

Dolores Cortes and Guillermina Baeza Spring-Summer 2012After Montse Bassons and TCN, Dolores Cortes and Guillermina Baeza designers have been the last day we were shown to be swimwear perfect underwater. For both, pink is the predominant color.

Dolores Cortes commitment to extreme sophistication with spectacular designs like the cover image that has fascinated me. Specifically, this triquini pink is not very wearable but it is worthy to be worn for a walk along the beach. In general, triquinis are awkward to get tan, but always among the models for his successful designer style.
Dolores Cortes and Guillermina Baeza Spring-Summer 2012Under the name of Imaginary jungle, Court takes as reference the jungle imagined and embodied in his works the French painter Henri Rousseau. Bathing suits and dresses full of color vegetable print large, where green and pink tones, combined with fluoride are the protagonists.
Dolores Cortes and Guillermina Baeza Spring-Summer 2012Cleavages predominate tub, handcrafted details and reinvented the forms of swimwear, a cornerstone of the collection. Models classic and simple are showing us Guillermina Baeza, inspired by Positano, a favorite spot for bathing sirens. Bikinis very wearable, many of them without shoulder pads, very comfortable for sunbathing, almost all in smooth tones and floral prints.

Suggestive, feminine and sexy bathing suits in pink, aqua, turquoise and orange. The romantic side is represented with lingerie touches, lace and lace. Very feminine shapes that fit the woman’s body, making each piece more feminine than before.

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