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Men’s Timberland Shoes Trail Camp Radler

Men's Timberland Shoes Trail Camp RadlerWhen thinking about a camping or RV trip, that is, enjoying the outdoors and permanent contact with nature, we must choose good clothes and footwear to fully enjoy every moment.

That is why Timberland is one of those brands that think people like you, and this, the model Men’s Radler Trail Camp is a pair that will undoubtedly meet most requirements of any camper who wishes to spend their vacations visiting different areas, exploring, and all with maximum comfort on your feet.

Of course, since these slippers are lightweight, have a recycled rubber outsole provides traction, have been manufactured in water- repellent fabric lining and removable insoles and provide warmth not to suffer the cold. However, also, this is a compact shoe can become smaller.

This is because the sneakers can be bent and thanks to the zipper incorporated, closed and thus reduce their size dramatically. Ideal for not taking up space in your backpack. Available in yellow, red or black, the price of this shoe is 45.70 euros at the exchange.

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